Any tips and trick to use Maya spline modeling ?
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Any tips and trick to use Maya spline modeling ?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new in this forum, and I need some advices.

I already modeled a couple of cars with poly modeling technics, but I found this proces quite long and some time not enough accurate. Especially because I want to create really low poly cars for video game with reflections without too much deformations. And this result need a long normal vectors edition.

So now, i'm starting to try the modeling with spline into MAYA. But I'm quite disapointed, because the process i found is quite strange :
- create bezier curves
- convert it into nurbs curves ( at this stage, it already start to fail, because some new nurbs point are not aligned anymore, and manual tweaking is needed >  time consuming )
- select nurbs curves and rebuild them to uniformize the numper of spawns and uniformize the distance between them
- create surfaces with the Loft tool or the Boundary tool
- convert to polygones and manualy tweak, correct, and add details.

What is your workflow with splines to be efficient and quick and get a really clean polys model ?
Any tutorial I should see ?

Thank you for reading ! 🙂