CRC - Nissan GTR Cyberpunk
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CRC - Nissan GTR Cyberpunk

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Hey all!

This will be my first ever art contest, and i think i'm about ready, i don't have much free time to work on my project but i'm hoping i will have just enough evenings and weekends to get a nice render that can compete with the amazing work i am already seeing, and if not, a nice picture for me and a few lessons learnt!

So i will be making a Cyberpunk GTR, i loved the winning piece from last years contest and work from artists such as Khyzyl Saleem (who doesn't right), these are very much where i got my influence from for this project, so hopefully i can put my own spin on these ideas.

Here is a very early stage of my GTR so far, this is early WIP, enjoy :

CRC - Nissan GTR Cyberpunk
CRC - Nissan GTR Cyberpunk
As i studied games i have never progressed my cars any further than a high poly model in 3Ds max used for normals, i have never used any rendering software like Vray or Corona (i still haven't chose one yet either), i usually present my work in UE4 or marmoset. So the biggest challenge for me will be the texturing and rendering of a high poly model and making a environment for it!
its a big challenge and i hope i have the time for it, anyhow back to work!

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Hi Tom, nice to meet you, glad to hear that you found inspiration in the previous competition. Good luck with rendering - it's always most difficult part of the contest.